Bróga Dubha / Black Soled Shoes

Go raibh míle maith agaibh!

Since we brought in the no black soled shoes policy  we have seen a huge improvement in the general appearance of our new floors and have reduced the length of time that floors are being cleaned daily. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep a high standard of cleanliness and general wear and tear of our new building.

ClassVR i nGaelscoil an Chuilinn

Bhí na hArdranganna ag baint triail as réaltacht fhíorúil agus bhreisithe.

The senior classes got to trial some virtual and augmented reality goggles recently.

They are the first in Ireland to trial this ground-breaking technology and visted the Pyrmaids, Mount Everest and the cells of the human heart all before lunchtime!

A trip inside the ear lobe and was a great way to kick off Seachtain Eolaíochta! 

“bhí siad ar fheabhas bhí mé i Central Park NYC bhí gach rud chomh mór” -Dylan R2


“Bhí mé ag tomadh i gCuba ach bhí eagla orm nuair a chonaich mé an siorc”-Lucy R2



Whole School Evaluation

Rinneadh meastóireacht scoile uile ar Ghaelscoil an Chuilinn i 2016.
Whole School Evaluations (WSEs) are carried out by the Department of Education in primary and post-primary schools. During these inspections, they evaluate the quality of the school management and leadership, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, and the school’s own planning and self-review. Gaelscoil an Chuilinn underwent a WSE in 2016.
The board of management and the parents’ association (CAIRDE) of Gaelscoil an Chuilinn welcome this very positive report.  It is a source of pride that recognition has been given to the very high standard of the pupils’ learning achievements, the good practice of the teachers, and the excellent support provided for the pupils’ well-being.
We praise the high standard of work being achieved by the staff and all the stakeholders in creating a positive atmosphere for learning in Gaelscoil an Chuilinn. 
The board of management of the school is very satisfied with the really positive feedback reported through the questionnaires completed by the parents and children of the school.  
You can find the report on the Department of Education’s website here